How Much Should a Law Firm Website Cost?

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Law Firm Website Design Cost

As the importance of online presence rises every year for businesses small and large, law firms are increasingly setting aside significant portions of their budget to invest in website design and search engine optimization services. For firms that have never ventured into the online space before, the price tag for these services is usually a huge question mark.

Clearly, the answer is going to differ greatly depending on your available resources and your interest in online marketing. If you have close to unlimited resources and want to dominate the web, you will be able to spend unlimited amounts doing so. On the other hand, those who have no interest in building web presence can get a template website for free with very low costs for hosting and domain registration.

It is also important to consider what your law firm hopes to gain through this purchase, and what the return on investment will be. Online is no different than anywhere else in that you get what you pay for. A website that you spend very little on will likely be hard-pressed to convert potential clients and generate business for you.

For those interested in custom website design, the cost can vary greatly. The most basic custom websites will start around the $1000 dollar range and can be as expensive as $10,000 or more. However, there are a few things that make a design company qualified to handle law firm business.

All good law firm website design companies should:

Have exceptional designers.
To be a real design firm, they need highly skilled designers that specialize in legal websites. Experience is essential in forming a website that fits to the professional needs of law firms while also appealing to potential clients.

Build with a CMS
If your website design company doesn’t use a user-friendly and publicly available CMS, they’re greatly restricting your ability to make changes to your own website.

Know SEO
The company you work with should ideally know SEO best practices and trends in and out–that way, your website will be optimized from the ground up. This means your content will be more effective at reaching the top of search results.

Offer Hosting and Maintenance
While you can definitely host and maintain your own website if you have the expertise, most legal professionals are too busy to learn the technicalities of web hosting. A maintenance plan is also ideal if you’d like to make changes or updates to your website.

Have Real, Honest Testimonials
There’s nothing like reading about the experience of other legal professionals to decide whether a design company is right for you. Hopefully the testimonials will prove outstanding attention to detail and websites that get results.

Provide Customer Support
Hopefully, they provide great customer support. In a field as confusing as web design and development can be, you’ll want a point of contact that is only interested in your complete satisfaction with their product. They should be technically knowledgeable, but also personable to translate that knowledge into a language laymen can understand.

Avoid Bells and Whistles
It’s definitely a red flag if your design firm starts charging you for additional features you never asked for. It is great to have those features as an option–but if you don’t want them, you shouldn’t be charged for them.

Charge by the Project
Avoid design firms that charge by the hour, or require monthly payments for your website. Once the design stage is over, you should own your website and be free to take it elsewhere if you choose. Ongoing payments for hosting and maintenance, however, are to be expected.

It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to web design, spending more will not always lead to a better design. If you could only base your decision off of one aspect of a company, we would recommend basing it off of their portfolio and their testimonials. Those two resources should be very helpful in determining the quality of a company and their services. Only then can you compare costs to see what kind of law firm website your budget can get you.