How Can Social Networking Help My Law Firm?

Categories: Law Firm Marketing.

Social networking is one of the newest ways to promote your law firm. Utilized properly, social networking will bolster your law firm’s online presence by increasing traffic to your attorney website and your other online properties as well.

Law firms can use social networking to market to a huge audience. Making a page, publishing content, and forming connections with people will spread word of your law firm, not to mention raise search engine ranking. Connect your various online properties to strengthen your link building campaign.

Social networking services should be used with your law firm website, blog, and other online properties. A social networking page by itself might not do much for your law firm, but combined with your other online properties, you can establish a strong online presence. Do not just market your services, offer helpful advice and information as well. There are many ways to deliver content with the combination of website, blog, and social networking.

What is Social Networking?

You may already have heard of social networking services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These companies offer anyone, from people to businesses, the opportunity to publish and disseminate content and information online for free. Social networking can be used for self-expression, entertainment, and business, or any combination thereof.

When it first started, social networking was seen as a perhaps a passing fad, but it has become so prevalent that it is almost essential for many people to be connected via social networking services. Social networking has become popular because it is very useful in keeping up-to-date of one’s contacts, and more importantly, the inverse is true as well: organizations can easily update clients with news and events. Social networking has provided users with an interactive way of viewing, sharing, and discovering information.

Connectivity is further enhanced by today’s hardware. Nowadays, people do not need to be near a computer to access the internet. People use smartphones and other mobile devices to visit social networking services on the go. With social networking available on these mobile platforms, people and businesses can be potentially connected all the time.

What Kinds of Content are Published with Social Networking?

With the dynamic nature of the internet, people are always finding new ways to express themselves and spread ideas.  This is doubly true for social networking, which easily serve as platforms for viral marketing and other unconventional marketing strategies. Law firm marketing, however, is more heavily regulated than marketing for other businesses.  As a start, the most conventional types of content available in social networking are:

Like text on your website, or in this very article, text is the basic language of the internet, and as an extension of such, social marketing.  News, information, and commentary updates on social networking services can connect to and supplement your law firm website, blog, and other online properties.

Your law firm marketing campaign can use podcasts to syndicate its messages.  Podcasting, also known as web casting, is broadcasting an audio message through the internet, usually in an episodic format.  Podcasting is not live, your law firm records an audio file and your audience downloads it.

Podcast content can contain a wide variety of topics to promote your law firm’s services.  You can host an interview with satisfied clients, who can give a positive review or narrate their experience with your law firm.  Audio testimonials, with a real live human voice, is much more authentic than a few paragraphs of text.

Graphics and photos are frequently shared on social network services.  On many social networks, photos can be tagged so they appear on many people’s profiles, not just the origination point.  For example, every attorney in your law firm can be included in a group photo and that photo will appear on all of their individual profiles.  Tagged photos of clients who approve of their image being used for marketing purposes can be spread in a similar manner.

Film a short commercial, client testimonials, informational videos, and much more.  Many free online video sharing services, such as YouTube and Dailymotion, have a way to embed videos straight to a website or social networking page.  Videos also show up in search results as well, and users are likely to click on them.

What Are the Major Social Networking Services?

The most popular social networking services are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  YouTube, the popular video sharing service, has user pages that can connect to each other as well.  A successful social networking campaign will provide useful content on these networks to market your law firm.