How a Video Can Help Boost Your Conversion Rate

Categories: Law Firm Marketing.

Your law firm website is basically your chance to give your potential clients a solid first impression of the services you offer. There are many competitors out there and when people search for services online, they like to research all their options. That is why your website is so important to your firm. You have just one chance to impress them and build trust with them. You have to inspire their confidence in your legal services so that they chose you over all the other law firms they’ll come across online. A video can very effectively do just that.

By providing a face to the name of your law firm, you’re allowing your potential clients to build trust with you and get to know you or your attorneys better. Think about how heavy we are into videos as a culture. Websites like YouTube and Hulu prove this instantly. Now think about how much more likely your website visitors would be to choose you as their attorney if they felt they got to know you by seeing your face and hearing your voice in your law firm video? This is an extremely powerful way to offer something unique to your prospects that your competitors aren’t.