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About the firm: There are many difficult obstacles that present themselves in the time after the death or disability of a loved on. During these times, it’s important to have a trustworthy professional who can make the confusing process transpire more smoothly. This law firm, located in Houston, Texas, offers to do just that, and has the experience and knowledge to bring you the very best legal services for these intimate issues.

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Estate administration
Alternatives to guardianship
Real estate/property

For estate and family law, it’s imperative that the law firm web design portrays a friendly, inviting personality to attract potential clients. With this latest design from Law Promo, the website features a simple color scheme, with only white, blue, and a very light gray. The simplicity and purity of the colors reflect the nature of the attorneys involved and the large font and blocks of color quickly direct visitors attention to the most important links. Especially in a website where many elder citizens will be accessing information, readability and ease of use is very important.