Houston Corporate Law Attorneys Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

Our latest client practices Corporate Law in Houston, Texas. They contacted us for a new attorney web design for their law firm and above you’ll see find their mockup. Learn about our process below.

We began our process by sending a brief questionnaire and setting up a chat with our new client. They sent out a few attorney website design examples and pointed out the different features and general tone they wanted to cover. Since their main focus is corporate law in Houston, they asked for a more subdued color scheme and a professional presentation of their qualifications that would inspire confidence to those seeking their services.

We’ve designed a number of corporate and business law firm websites, so our team knew which colors would appeal to our client’s intended audience. We went with neutral colors  blue, white, and gray to give that corporate feel. The header of the website features a photo collage of Texas and corporate law related photography. The menu is placed beneath the photo collage. It’s presented in white font against a cyan background.

The content layout was intuitively designed for easy, user-friendly navigation. We divided our client’s content into three areas: Practice areas, main content, and a contact form. All our client’s practice areas are listed on the left to allow visitors to pick and choose what they want to read or learn more about. The contact form allows the visitors to instantly contact a representative to the firm for help on their case. Compared to other corporate law firm website designs, this design is more subdued. Our team decided on a quiet design that would focus more on content and approachability rather than bold call to actions. We wanted to reflect our client’s mission statement of “Big firm experience, small firm personality.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this attorney website design!