Georgia Business Law Attorneys Web Site Design

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Law Firm Web Design 1

Our latest project has our team working on an attorney website design for our Georgia Business Law client. Our process and work on this project are listed below.Like all mockups, we started with a brief questionnaire and conversation with our client in order to get a feel for what they were looking for in terms of an attorney website design. These conversations and questionnaire requests are important to our team as we like to work with clients in order to come up with a design. They help provide insight, and combined with our years of experience, help to lower the amount of revisions in order to launch the website sooner than later.

After speaking with the client, our team got to work on the mockup featured above. Our client wanted to convey professionalism that would appeal to small and global businesses as well as individual clients. Like their services, they wanted to focus on a more efficient design to encourage and engage clients.

In keeping with their wishes, our team made use of the traditional formatting and content presentation of previous attorney web designs. The content is divided in two: main content and practice areas sidebar. This allows visitors to save time from having to scroll up the website and find the practice areas menu. The website layout itself is simple, yet effective. The banner features our client’s logo and firm name along with contact information highlighted in blue. This allows visitors to immediately notice their contact information and subtly encourages them to call. The menu is placed underneath the banner along a navy blue strip.Underneath the menu, we added a site-wide photo rotation featuring our client’s city and images relevant to their practice areas.

This mockup is subjected to changes as soon as we receive feedback from our client, but until then it’s a good first start.