Gainesville, Florida Patent Law Attorneys Website Design

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SEL law firm web design

The law firm website design pictured above is currently in the mockup round. Our client is a Florida Patent Law Attorney who came to us seeking a contemporary and sleek attorney website design for their firm. The website layout guarantees easy access to information and even displays the most relevant information to visitors on the home page: Practice areas to the left, Recent patents in the center, and current law firm News & Events on the right. Our web design team outfitted the professional website design with a white, yellow, and black color scheme. The color scheme evokes mystery, illumination, and a sense of new beginnings to compliment the client’s primary law focus.

This is the first round of mockups and changes are expected to be made for this Florida Patent Law Attorney Web Design. The mockup stage of our legal website designs is the first and most important stage. During this stage, we work together with the law firm in order to create and establish a solid online presence. We won’t stop until you’re happy. If you’re interested in a legal website design, please call the following number: 213-341-1673; we’ll be happy to assist! Our team is available Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm PST.