Gainesville, Florida Intellectual Property Law Attorneys Website Design

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About the firm: Located in Gainesville, Florida, this law firm has been practicing intellectual property law since 1981. It is especially talented when concerning matters related to biotechnology, medical technology, electronics, software, materials science, optics, and organic chemistry. These attorneys have represented many clients in these areas and have an impressive record of success when it comes to patent applications and interference proceedings. The law firm has come to shape the field of biotechnology law, and as such, their clients respect them as established experts and trust them to bring that knowledge to every case.

IP Law Firm


– Biotechnology
– Chemical Technology
– Pharmaceuticals
– Materials Science
– Electronics
– Software and Business Methods
– Optics
– Agriculture
– Trademarks and Domain Names

In some cases, a picture can say more than words ever will, and we at Law Promo found that the included image was a powerful communicator for this law firm’s web design. The oranges bring to mind Florida, where the law firm is located, and also refer to their excellence in biotechnology law. The apple both points to the attorneys’ excellence in their field, and the idea that every client’s intellectual property is unique and must be recognized as so. Meanwhile, the website design, although starkly colored, is simple to navigate and provides a pleasant online experience for the site’s visitors.