Fred Meissner – Arizona Tax Lawyer

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Twenty years ago, before his admission to the bar as a tax lawyer in Arizona, Mr. Meissner was an IRS agent for ten years. He has worked in corporate tax departments for Fortune 500 companies and the “Big Four” Accounting Firms. With over thiry years of training, experience, and education, he provides his clients with knowledgeable insight and judgement on any tax question.

Mr. Meissner’s areas of expertise include state and federal income tax audit, sales tax audits, property tax issues, tax debt, reduction, installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, tax penalty abatements, business tax issues, tax-motivated bankruptcy, and many related difficulties. He advises on bankruptcy filing, tax and estate planning, as well as asset protection.

Mr. Meissner represents tax clients throughout the United States.

At the Law Offices of Fred Meissner, we will deal with the IRS or state, offer the ability to prepare tax returns, and do a bankruptcy if necessary. We are your one stop shopping solution.

If you are in need of legal tax consultation in Phoenix, Arizona, please contact the Law Offices of Fred Meissner for your legal needs.