Florida Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer Web Design

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Florida Law Firm Web Design

Here is our introduction for our most recent project, a lawyer website for a Florida estate planning and probate attorney.

This project uses a classic, simplistic look while changing up the color scheme to create a comforting feel rather than a strict, swift justice feel that gets portrayed by the deeper reds and browns found in many attorney web sites. The reason behind this is based on our client’s main practice areas. Our client takes on mainly probate and estate planning issues, so she often deals with her clients while they are going through an emotionally difficult period. The light blues and image of a cloudy sky give a heavenly aura, creating a calming and soothing sensation for the viewer. This comforting feel is just what her clients are looking for, and this lawyer website design tells the prospective clients that a feeling of comfort is exactly what you’ll get with this attorney’s legal counseling.

The logo and contact information for this Florida attorney stand out at the top by being overlaid onto a semi-transparent box. The opaqueness is enough to draw the eye and persuade the viewer to make that phone call, but it isn’t too much, so it still lets the sky image show through and inspire calmness.

As usual, the complete list of practice areas can be found in the sidebar of the homepage, allowing for quick navigation and good user experience. This legal website shows that simplicity is sometimes the best strategy for promoting your services and gaining conversions.

Stay tuned to see the finished attorney website, as it will show up in the near future with the rest of our law firm website launches.