Florida Criminal Defense and Military Law Blog Design

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At Law Promo, integrated blog designs are one of our more popular services aside from attorney web designs. There’s nothing like complementing your website with a great blog for further audience engagement. In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on the integrated blog design for the Law Office of Eric Roper.

As we’ve touted in previous posts, the main benefit a blog provides for any attorney website design is an opportunity to further expand on a popular topic of interest for your audience. You want to focus on a topic that will keep them wanting more updates. When visitors come to your attorney website, they’re looking for someone they can trust. Web content is usually written in order to get those visitors to contact you as soon as possible. Most attorney websites neglect to go too into depth on any of their practice areas, and so they keep the content brief. Sometimes you have more to say on a particular topic and that’s where blog comes in handy. With a blog you’re not as limited as you were while writing your web copy. You’re welcome to use your own voice and tone and focus on matters important to you or your audience.

The Blog above does just that by focusing on Criminal Defense, Military Law, Maritime Transportation. All our blogs are built using WordPress. Our design team designed the blog in such a way to make it present itself as another page of the website. The banner of the blog features our client’s information along with images representing his expertise. It’s simple, yet effective.

The Law Office of Eric Roper, P.A. is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Their practice areas are dedicated to the following: Criminal Defense, Military Law, Maritime Transportation. Their blog is devoted to current legal issues in the fields of criminal defense, military law, and maritime transportation.