Facts You Should Know About Bad Law Firm Website Design

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No matter what kind of deal or bargain you’re getting, don’t ever fall victim to building a lawyer website design that will create a bad impression for your firm.  A poor quality website can make your law firm look unsophisticated, out-dated, and inexperienced. This is only effective at turning potential clients away and hurting your business.  Despite most people’s ability to perceive good design, many law firms still go along with law firm website design companies that create mediocre websites.  Some think having any sort of website will help spread the word about their firm, but little do they know, an ugly site will certainly hurt your reputation and diminish profits.

As the web standards get better and better, people come to expect everything on the web to look great, load fast, and be easy to navigate.  People swipe through web pages at lightening speed, and researchers say that web users create their first impression of a site in a matter of 50 milliseconds.  Humans are visual beings, so the impression made in this first split-second is sure to affect subsequent judgements of perceived credibility, usability, and professionalism.  Ultimately, these perceptions will have an effect on the web users’ final purchasing decisions, and only the right perception will have them choosing your law firm as the best to suit their needs.  If law firms work with their designers to really hone in on what the users need and how to make fulfilling that need as easy as possible, they can avoid having potential clients struggle through the information and choose to go elsewhere.

Below are some characteristics of ugly website designs for law firm websites:

  • Text that is small and hard to read
  • Excessive usage of generic images and graphics, such as gavels or the scales of justice
  • Too many animated objects – this can distract from the important information
  • Text that is stretched the whole width of the web page
  • Text that is all crowding the left edge of the web page
  • Multiple frame scroll bars in the middle of a page
  • Navigation that isn’t clear or intuitive
  • Poor color schemes that make content hard to read over the background
  • Orphan pages – where following a link leads to a page that doesn’t link back or have identification
  • Any website design that looks old and out-dated – this makes it appear as if the site is never updated or maintained