Employee Claims Denials Lawyers Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

Attorney web design

Law Promo is proud to unveil the early stages of its newest project, an attorney web site for an insurance claims denials lawyer.

This is another one of our website designs where we decided that less is more, keeping it simple and straight to the point.  The content is neatly laid out, and the contact info and practice areas are divided into their own areas, allowing the viewers to quickly obtain the necessary information when navigating this lawyer website.

The color scheme and header image both create the aura of calm professionalism.  The colors are a nice cool tone, and the logotype is clean and crisp.  This matches our client’s practice areas very well.  Defending against insurance claims denials doesn’t require any loud intimidation, as it involves logical defense for the fairness of policies.  The overall tone of this lawyer website matches the tone of this field perfectly, building up online credibility for our client.

We look forward to making the final edits to this project, and we invite you to check out our other law firm websites!