Does Your Law Firm Need Facebook?

Categories: Law Firm Marketing.

There is a very simple answer to the question of whether your law firm could benefit from being active on Facebook, and that is YES. Facebook is rapidly becoming the most popular website of all time. Yes, more people in the United States visit Facebook than even Google. With such popularity online, there has to be a way for your law firm to use this marketing opportunity to bring in new clients or boost your reputation with your existing ones.

First of all, Facebook gives you one more place to link back to your law firm website, which helps to boost your rankings in the search engines. But even more importantly, Facebook gives you a unique opportunity to market your legal services in a more casual way that establishes trust with your prospects and builds your reputation in your area of legal expertise.

Furthermore, Facebook gives you a platform for sharing and being shared. Facebook’s “like” button gives your web content and Facebook profile readers a chance to spread the word about your law firm online, and that can result in a major boost to business.