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About the firm: Our firm is a distinctive standout among firms practicing in areas related to special districts, public highway authorities, and other types of local governments, infrastructure financing, transportation, public-private and public-public partnerships, and real estate development, and is regularly retained by a diverse range of public and private sector clients. The firm has proven expertise in all forms of project and development financing including, but not limited to, structures applying multiple revenue streams such as property and sales taxes, service revenues, user fees and tolls, real estate-secured loans, letter of credit-backed loans, tax exempt bonds and concession leasing.

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Practice Areas:

Special Districts
Public-Private Partnerships
Public-Public Partnerships
Public Infrastructure Development
Real Estate Development
Federal & State Land Sales Compliance
Homeowners Association

Law Promo keeps this law firm’s web design clean and simple. The introduction paragraph gives visitors a sense of what the firm is about without too much text to read. Corporate colors like blue, white, and gray were utilized.