Degenerative Condition and Workers Comp

Categories: Law Firm Marketing.

Imagine you work a physically demanding job for many years and have never missed a workday. You never suffered a serious injury on the job, however, you have had little aches and pains throughout your tenure that you have never complained about. One day at the job, you pop your shoulder and feel instant pain. This is the first shoulder injury you have sustained.

After getting treatment, your shoulder and arm never return to normal condition, which ultimately affects your job performance. Although workers comp pays for your medical bills and lost time, your company sends you to an IME doctor, who claims that he doubts the shoulder popped out of the socket. They state that the issue is a result of ‘degenerative arthritis’.

Illinois insurance companies will try to fight worker compensation claims from all angles. One method insurance companies commonly use is stating that the job had nothing to do with the injury. Often with older employees, insurance companies will find a doctor to diagnose the injury as a degenerative condition such as degenerative arthritis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, degenerative disk disease, etc. In these cases, insurance companies will make it seem as though the injury happened throughout time as a result of aging, rather than a workplace accident.

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