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About: Whether protecting ideas and inventions or navigating complex IP landscapes, we use our integrity and experience to help our clients efficiently achieve their business objectives. In all cases, we strive to come up with creative solutions to our clients’ problems. We feel it is essential to provide each client with individualized advice and attention that incorporates their changing needs, concerns and goals. To this end we are open to alternative billing arrangements and, depending on the case, are willing to work on a contingency basis.

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Practice Areas:

Intellectual Property Litigation
Patent Acquisitions
Aggregation and Valuation
Intellectual Property Licensing
Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Commercial and Complex Litigation

This law firm’s main image header is very powerful.It shows that their firm will knock out their opponents no matter how tough the case. They also emphasize on strategy in their intellectual property litigation, which is what chess is all about. The size of the image is not overbearing but makes a big statement on the aggressiveness and hardwork they will put in for their clients.