Dallas, Texas Criminal Law Attorney Website Design

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Texas Criminal Law Attorney Website

In today’s law firm website design mockup feature, we proudly present the attorney website design mockup of our Texas Criminal law attorney client. Our client came to us with a specific vision for his law firm web design and Law Promo was happy to deliver.

Our Texas Criminal law attorney client wanted a symbolic lawyer website design that featured a lion theme. This is Law Promo’s first law firm website design featuring such a majestic theme, so we wanted to get it right as much as we can before presenting it to our client. In creating this law firm web design, our team thought it best to stick to a simple, yet elegant design. Due to our client’s background in criminal law, we felt it best to go with a noir theme and use a color scheme of black, white, and gold. The background of the lawyer web design displays a prominent image of a lion blending into the darkness. The layout of the lawyer website is designed in such a way that it emphasizes the lion’s presence. The more important information is highlighted in a gold font that draws the eys of any visitor.

At Law Promo, we’ve created a number of law firm web designs for clients with specific visions/themes in mind. We love it when a client knows what they want because it provides our design team a new challenge and our portfolio a unique law firm web design. If you have a specific vision in mind for your law firm web design, call us today!