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Dallas Legal Web Design

Today we would like to give our first look at a mockup for a current client, a Texas personal injury law firm.

This mockup is for a redesign, so our goal was to take content that our client already had online and redress it in a modern style.  One of the modern characteristics we used was a full width background image.  These high resolution images make the page very aesthetically pleasing and make the site very impressive and professional.  The content boxes are full of eye catching text and images that help visually convey our clients message, which leads viewers to the important information first.  All of this layering is done with the right balance of transparency, ensuring that the background image can be seen while keeping the content very legible.

Up in the top content box, right below the header text, we placed a call to action button that immediately helps the user see which office is local to them.  As they click through and find which location to contact very easily, viewers are more likely to call for a consultation, and ultimately our client will see an increase in business.

We are excited to continue this project and give our client a modern version of their website.  In the meantime, check out our other law firm website designs!