Crutchfield & Martin Website Redesign Launch

Categories: Website Launches.

After much hard work from the professionals at Crutchfield & Martin and the Law Promo team, we have launched the redesign of the Crutchfield & Martin website. We came through many iterations to finally reach the finished version you’ll find online today, and we believe that this design is the very best representation of the firm. The website features a striking visual appearance and several interactive features that encourage engagement with the firm.

The website colors are maroon, white, grey and black, and the large, flat colors take advantage of current trends while also dividing the site into easy to read sections. The header text is large and bold, and grabs visitors’ attentions quickly, encouraging them to read more about each topic. If you visit the attorney profile pages, you’ll also notice the attorneys had professional photos taken, which are always encouraged when it comes to putting forth a professional impression online.

The website also includes links to their Twitter and Facebook pages, both of which are essential for full engagement with a client base. Social media platforms, when maintained well, are great places for law firm content creation and connecting with the legal community. We highly encourage all of our clients to learn about and get involved in social media websites to increase reach and transparency.

Crutchfield & Martin is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and offers services in the practice areas of bankruptcy law and personal injury law. They offer legal representation to individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and religious institutions.