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Law Promo would like to take this time to focus our attorney spotlight on Jerry Jenkins, an intelligent criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to providing excellent representation to his clients in Central Florida, Sanford, Tavares, Orlando, and surrounding areas.Jerry understands that once a person is involved in the criminal justice system each and every decision matters. The decisions a person within the criminal justice makes will have lifelong consequences not only on the person making it, but their family and friends too. These decisions should not be taken lightly as they can affect every aspect of your life from employment to housing. You need an attorney who will fight for you and protect your rights.

You need an attorney who knows their way around the criminal justice system.

Jerry understands each case and situation is unique. After providing him the facts, Jerry will give the advice and counsel you need to make an informed decision. With Jerry by your side, no stone will be left unturned. He will explore every avenue and make sure that your case is presented to the court. Jerry always strives to provide the best representation for his clients and he will defend you against all charges and any state crime allegations. After all, the government has experienced prosecutors targeting you, so you should have a defense attorney with the necessary experience fighting back.

Every situation is different, but the one piece of advice that will never change is to not waive any of your rights. If authorities begin grilling you with questions regarding a crime, be polite and decline to speak without a lawyer present. They will try to strong arm and intimidate you, but remain firm in your request to have a criminal defense lawyer present.

If you need any more information regarding criminal defense in Florida, contact Jerry Jenkins for a free case evaluation.