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Lawyers Logo Design

A company’s logo is often it’s largest source of brand equity. A business’s “visual portfolio” (any image associated with your business) hinges on the success and effectiveness of its logo.

Our latest design provides a great representation for the firm which is consistent with their current marketing and accurately represents the image they are trying to portray to clients. By using appropriate fonts and unique imagery, Hesse Law Firm’s logo accurately presents the firm’s mission and expertise. The entire logo is comprised of blue, black, and medium grey colors which complement one another. Using the black and blue for the text color makes the name stand out from the “law firm” designation.

The graphic we’ve designed for this logo stays true to this color scheme, with black bars on the side, a blue box on top and a grey box on bottom. Compiled together, these create the initial “H” to stand for their name, “Hesse”. A creative mix of block-like elements imbues a sense of construction and complexity, which is fitting for law firms. A sans-serif font was chosen as it’s lack of detail gives this same feeling of seriousness, and this particular font makes interesting usage of spacing to achieve greater visual effect.