Corporate and Tax Law Attorneys Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

Here’s a web-design that our designers came up with for’s at the request of Corporate and Tax Law Attorneys.

This is a fully customized website that could be easily accessible through various platforms. The first page includes a picture of a court house making it clear that it is a attorney’s website. And a contact box is left next to the picture so that a client could easily drop their contact information if they are in a rush. But with the color palette that is way less bleak than others, it undoubtedly stands out from the rest.

The tones are still tasteful and the color orange creates highlights for the website. The orange also adds tremendous dimension to the website that allows viewers to keep interested in the website. We wanted something that was easy to scroll through without being basic. Most of the important information can be found on the home page making it user-friendly of all levels. The Meet the Team section is neatly organized to assure readability and allowing you to boast about your skills without it seeming like a brag page.

No one likes to hire a bragger, but every one likes to hire someone who can embrace their skills. So show off the wise-guy side of you by showing off this new web-design.