Content Creation Strategies for Attorneys

Categories: Legal Website Design.

While search engine optimists have for a long time relied on SEO tactics that involved unseen aspects like metadata, keyword optimization, and link building, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are continuously making updates to their algorithms that limit the influence of those tactics and instead focus on legitimate content creation and audience engagement.

As a busy legal professional, you may be thinking about the amount of time that needs to be sunk into identifying content mediums, planning and creating a strategy, then executing that strategy on a daily basis. It is true that content creation takes time, but when committed to, it allows for a responsive and growing audience that will interact with you and bring more business to your firm. Whether you choose to create content on your own or hire an professional to assist you, true content creation is a proven strategy that will create valuable results. Below are some of our suggestions on building engagement online.

Start a Blog

You can think of your blog as the hub of your content creation. The articles you share here need to be interesting, well-informed, and useful, so that when you share your articles through social media, others will be inclined to click. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of trending topics or controversial issues–you want content that will generate clicks and conversation. But also, focus on the knowledge you have that your clients usually don’t have. What do you know that the general public doesn’t know? Providing educational–but interesting and relevant!–information will build trust with potential clients and colleagues.

Create Social Media pages

There are huge communities of attorneys and legal professionals on social media, not to mention other individuals looking to learn more from or interact with legal experts. Social media is essential for connecting your content with the masses, and providing your followers an easy way to stay updated on your latest content. You can also create brief content pieces for social media specifically, and share interesting things you’ve found around the web. By diversifying the kinds of information you share, you’ll be more interesting and attract more followers.

Engage with Others

Sometimes, when we’re thinking about improving SEO and website traffic, we get caught up thinking and talking about ourselves. A great way to connect with other people and move people to your website is actually to visit other websites and blogs, read their content, and leave comments or contribute to the discussion. If you really want to catch someone’s attention, write a blog post responding to their post. It’s a guaranteed way to generate conversation between the two of you. This goes for social media too–find people to follow and engage!

Provide Downloadable Content

Online visitors enjoy brief pamphlets that give them advice on how to do certain things, or contain knowledge that they might not be able to get otherwise. This is a great place to put advice on certain legal predicaments or advice on certain topics in general. Just make sure that you’re highly focused and provide information that is worth downloading.

While we’ve seen several SEO tactics come and go, content creation is a legitimate strategy that will only become more powerful as search engines improve. If you are looking to be influential online, it is necessary that you are creating and sharing content constantly.