California Construction Defect Law Attorneys Website Design

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The Best Law Firm Web Design

We would like to present our newest law firm website design, a project for a California construction and construction defect law firm.

With this project, our client already had a professional logo design, and he came to us asking if we could build him a law firm website to match.  His logo design was very clean, and modern, so adjusting our style to meet the one created by a third party was smooth and successful.  As you can see, his logo consists of an orange and slate gray color scheme, so let’s look in at specific ways we designed this website to match that tonality…

First, there is a high resolution image that expands to the full width of the browser.  The orange in the sky and the bluish-gray on the blueprints pair up nicely with the logo, giving this California law firm website a very branded feel, giving the viewer a sense of maturity and professionalism within our client’s company.  This image also is a graphic representation of our client’s specialty.  It shows blueprints and a construction site, visually representing the expertise our client has with construction defect claims.

Next, there is the navigation bar.  This lighter shade of gray matches the “LLP” in the logo.  Again, this creates a sense of cohesion, making it appear as if all of these graphics had been created simultaneously by one designer.

The text also pairs well with the logo, matching the darker slate gray color.  This occurs in the title in the main body, in the navigation, and in the various locations on the top of the page, telling the users where in California they can access our clients legal construction services.

As we often do, we put the clients practice areas in a shaded box, drawing extra attention to the fact that our client deals with not only construction defect claims, but also real estate transactions, real estate disputes, and other legal construction matters.

We are excited to continue working on this attorney web site, and we hope you come back and see the finished product.  As always, we welcome you to check out the rest of our attorney web design portfolio!