Colorado Personal Injury Attorney Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

In today’s lawyer website design blog post, Law Promo introduces the current attorney website design mockup of our Colorado Personal Injury Attorney client. Our client was looking for a traditional legal website design; one that would present their law firm as established and approachable. Here at Law Promo, many of our clients have been drawn to our traditional lawyer website designs. Traditional legal website designs are always safe. Law Promo’s traditional law firm website designs are both stylish and professional which is a big plus to any law firm.

When creating this personal injury lawyer website design, our team took a classic layout and added a few changes to make a simple, yet elegant website design. The only modification to the layout is the top portion of the website which extends the whole width of the page. The team decided to go with calming colors by mixing different shades of blue and gray. The main menu is displayed prominently underneath the law firm’s logo for easy access. On the left, the visitor is greeted with a list of the firm’s practice areas and the content to the right is illuminated by the white background against the legal web design’s darker shades of color.

This attorney web design is still in the mockup stage of our design round, so changes are expected to be made. If you’re interested in a traditional legal website design for your law firm like the one pictured above, don’t hesitate to call 213-341-1673. Our representatives will be happy to help!