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In today’s post, we’ll talk about the importance a domain name has in regards to branding your business and your law firm website design, but first, what is a domain name? Simply put, a domain name is a name that identifies your website. There has been debate about whether a domain name is important or not, but here at Law Promo, we feel domain names are important in branding your business and attorney website design. Your domain name reflects your business and the services you provide. Think of the domain name as a trademark for your website much like a logo gives your website a brand. Choosing a domain name is one of the first and more crucial steps in legal website design.

The first consideration you should take in choosing a domain name for your law firm website design is how long your domain name should be. Generally, a short to medium domain name is preferred. The longer a domain name is the harder it is to remember. The second consideration you should take concerns whether you should choose a domain name based on branding or search engine optimization purposes. Each has it’s own benefits and it ultimately comes down to the purpose of your website. Some law firms come to us looking for an attorney website design that would showcase their professionalism to their referrals from happy clients. These law firms usually choose to brand their website with a domain name reflecting their law firm name since it’d be the easiest way to introduce their law firm website to their referrals. Other firms come to us looking to expand their clientele and reach out to new prospects. These law firms choose a domain name based on search optmization in order to be found and get a higher rank, for example, something like:

Choosing a domain name is the first important step in creating an attorney website design, so you should make sure your preferred domain name is available before creating a lawyer website design. Here at Law Promo, we’ve had years of experience in helping our clients choose and create their domain names. For an annual fee of $20, we make sure your domain name registration stays current and secure. Contact us today for a free consultation!