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Based in Hangzhou, China and founded in 2004, the China Trademark and Patent Law Office Limited (CTPLO) is one of the leading IP law offices in China. CTPLO was created in order to provide marketing and trademark services for both small and large businesses through the simplest process possible. Founded by Mr. Joe Shen, the CTPLO provides creative solutions in regards to brand infringements and trademark related matters.

Mr. Joe Shen, President of CTPLO, has had over ten years of experience with Trademark law and is knowledgeable in the following areas: trademark search, registration, review, opposition, defense, and negotiation. In order to get a clearer view of his practices and focus, you can visit the CTPLO website. Mr. Shen personally counsels and advises his clients in regards to patent and copyrights.

CTPLO aims to minimize and eliminate any and all threats that may affect their client’s portfolio. In order to do this, CTPLO provides quick and responsive service as well as bilingual legal services for international clients. CTPLO’s primary goal is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with all clients. Their current clientele include the following brands and industries: Lemforder, Tommy Bahama, Isomers, Aston Villa FC, Fulham FC, Serge Blanco, to name a few.

Learn more about the services provided by CTPLO by visiting their website.