Chicago Criminal Defense Law Attorneys Website Design

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Criminal Defense Web Design

This web ­design is one that has a heightened vision. Not only does it have a clear message of motivation and hard­work, it is also visually well balanced.

This gives a feel of empowerment to the potential clients who are viewing your website. There’s a high contrast between the white and black tones to help clearly state what your law office is trying to say to your viewers.

The slogan “One Firm One Vision” stands out from the background image consisting of mostly neutral tones. It has depth to make it very easy to read and comprehensive that it is your slogan.

With the line of “We Are Successful in Over 95% of Our Cases”, it adds a hint of confidence without going overboard with cockiness. This confidence relays a sense of assurance to your prospective clients. Viewers are more drawn to trusting numbers because numbers are our brains associate numbers with logic. With the number that is more realistic like 95 instead of 99.9 percent, the viewers are inclined to trust you more.

When the viewer decides to scroll down to find out further, this website provides a place for why your law office transcends the rest. This will further viewers’ trust when filled with the right content.

So turn your viewers into customers today by letting this web­design work its magic!