Charlotte Sexual Harassment Lawyer – Chris Strianese

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Law Promo’s spotlight today is on Chris Strianese, a sexual harassment lawyer in Charlotte.

Chris Strianese is a Charlotte based attorney specializing in sexual harassment. On his Charlotte sexual harassment attorney website, Chris explains sexual harassment in detail and what it entails. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances or favors as well as verbal and physical conduct a reflecting sexual undertone. Sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in the workplace and must be taken seriously in order for it to end.

Sexual harassment in the workplace includes lewd comments or “jokes”, unwelcome sexual advances and favors, sharing/forwarding of lewd images, and improper touching. Sometimes victims of sexual harassment do not realize they’re being sexually harassed or play it off as a “joke”. If you’re uncomfortable with the way an employer or colleague speaks/acts towards you, consider seeking a sexual harassment attorney to help you with your case. The number one thing is to protect yourself:

  • Review your employer’s handbook
  • Voice your complaints to your employer
  • If nothing is done to solve the problem, seek a sexual harassment attorney for help.
  • Sexual harassment is a serious problem in the workplace that should not be tolerated. Unfortunately, it’s a practice that happens all too often. Protect yourself and stand up for your rights! If you’ve been sexually harassed at work, contact the Strianese PLLC for more information about sexual harassment. By clicking the link featured above, you can learn more about the court evaluations of sexual harassment cases and what to expect if you go to trial.