Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers Blog Design

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Blogging, or bLAWging, is a great way to improve your search engine rank for your attorney website design. Ask any of our team members here and they’ll tell you it’s one of the best things you can do to improve your law firm website’s search engine optimization. The blog featured above is for one of our existing law firm website design clients, the Wallace Childers, PLLC.

The Wallace Childers, PLLC contacted us after deciding it was about time for their firm to have an official and professional online presence. After speaking with a number of attorney web design companies, they decided to sign on with us as we offered the best prices around. All our website designs come with organic search engine optimization; however, after speaking with their account executive, the Wallace Childers, PLLC thought it best to also purchase an integrated blog design as they’d be able to contribute to the SEO power.

We reminded Wallace Childers that a blog means nothing without regular updates, be it daily, weekly, or even monthly, it’s important to update the blog regularly otherwise nothing would happen in terms of search engine optimization ranking. After informing them, they agreed and we got to work on their blog.

The blog design is fairly identical to the original law firm web design. The only difference is the inclusion of the banner and the one article column. The banner on top features their law firm logo design along with their contact information and office location.

The Wallace Childers, PLLC is a litigation firm focused on representing clients in the areas of general and business litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment litigation, and social security disability. Their blog, Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers, focuses on their personal injury practice. The firm is located in Charlotte, NC.

Here at Law Promo, we’re proud of all our designs. If you’re interested in starting an integrated blog design or are ready to launch an attorney website design, please read more about our services on our law firm web design page.We invite you to learn more about the Wallace Childers, PLLC and their practices by visiting their Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers Blog.