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As we mentioned in our benefits of redesign post, websites have a life span of about 3-6 years. It’s in your favor to redesign your law firm website that way it stays current and up-to-date with all the new changes in the web design world. It doesn’t have to be a radical redesigning of your law firm website. Minor tweaks and coding go a long way in improving and ensuring that your law firm web design is up to industry standards. In today’s post, we’ll explain the changes we made to the Courson Law Group Website.

Having seen his competitor’s recent law firm web designs and the increase in mobile websites, our client wanted an all in one solution to redesign his website to have a more modern look, but also keep the initial design of his law firm website so regular visitors wouldn’t get confused.

After speaking, our design team thought it best to go with responsive design since it would cover all areas: mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Below you’ll see a list of the steps we took:

1). Change the initial layout to a responsive layout

2). Replace old photos with new photos

3). Optimized and shortened the content to invite visitors to encourage clicking.

4). Redesigned content presentation into three attractive columns

5). Navigation Bar redesign and tweaked for optimal responsive performance.

End Result: A responsive law firm web design that will serve our client well. Our goal was to make subtle, lasting changes that would retain the original law firm web design but make the website feel as if it had been a radical redesign.

If you’re interested in law firm web design, visit Law Promo or contact us today. Stay tuned for more Case Studies Blog Posts!