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About: We put our firm together with an extraordinary amount of effort and care. Within the firm, we hold ourselves accountable not only to our clients, but to one another. We operate with the ideal that the just interests of our clients are paramount. All matters that you entrust to us will be staffed in such a way that it will receive efficient and effective attention. We match people, time, and effort to the task at hand. We will work with you in a collaborative fashion so that you always know what you can expect of us.

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Civil Litigation
Counsel to business including Entity Formation
Corporate Governance
Human Resources
Estate Planning
General Practice

We strive to find creative solutions to any task or problem we face, be it for a client or for the firm. We will listen to the suggestions of others, remain open to new and better ways to do things and ask for help when we need it. We learn from and forgive mistakes.