California Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney Website Design

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Lawyers Web design

Today, we feature the first round of mockups for the lawyer website design of our California Workers’ Compensation client. After seeing our law firm website design portfolio, our client contacted us asking if we could create his website. He knew exactly what he wanted in his lawyer web design and we were happy to create his vision.

Like all design work, the hardest part of this mockup was creating a website design that would differentiate our personal injury lawyer among the other personal injury lawyers. We wanted to create a law firm website design that would convey our client’s message and design requests. In order to differentiate the usual black & blue color scheme of personal injury lawyer website designs, we experimented with different color hues. The layout of the website is designed to draw attention to our client’s call to action: “Protecting your rights for over 30 years”. In order to strengthen his message, our team placed the call to action over photos that would display our client’s knowledge in the area of personal injury and worker’s compensation. The left side of the lawyer website design features a prominent list of our client’s practice areas. General practice areas are bolded in white while more in-depth areas are listed beneath.

Feedback is expected and changes will be made. If a law firm website design from our portfolio catches your eye, give us a call at 213-341-1673!