California Securities Law Attorney Website Design

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Web Design

Law Promo welcomes this new week with our most recent attorney website design project featured above. Read more about our design team’s process by clicking the link.

For this attorney web design, our team wanted to focus on simplicity and efficiency through design. We wanted to present visitors with a clean interface that would encourage visitor engagement. The first step to drive this engagement would be the color scheme. We decided upon the simple colors of red, black, and white, with the color white being the more defined color. By utilizing this color scheme, visitors are presented with a clean and pleasing aesthetic.

The first thing you’ll notice about this law firm web design is the menu and banner which features our client’s law firm logo and contact information. This menu was designed to be sticky, meaning that the menu will always be visible and accessible throughout the page. The photo viewer rotates different high resolution images featuring landmarks from our client’s location as well as generic legal stock photography from our library of stock images.

Underneath the photos, we’ve placed a call to action spurring our client’s visitors to contact the law firm for more information. For aesthetic purposes, we’ve added a content divider in the form of a thin gray line. Below this divider, we’ve placed our client’s main page content which features our client’s call to action in bold. To the right, we’ve added a contact form for visitors to submit their cases and request help.

The footer menu inverts the current color scheme: the background is black and the font is white. We’ve also added different social media icons for those curious visitors wishing to learn more about our client. Overall, we feel this is a great start to this project and will update our law firm web design blog once we receive feedback.