California Personal injury Attorneys Website Design

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attorneys website design

As the day comes to an end, work at Law Promo is just beginning with our newest attorney website design project for our California Personal Injury Attorney client.

Our client found us online through a Google search for law firm website design, where we popped up on the first page amongst our competitors. They spoke with our sales representative, and like many of our recent clients, were surprised by our reasonable fees. They went on to complain to our sales representative about how other lawyer website design companies charged them a ridiculous amount around the five digit range. They felt our prices were too good to be true and so interrogated our sales representative about hidden fees and what was included with the packages we offered. After a long conversation regarding the state of law firm web design companies, our client decided to speak with the other partners and promised to get back to us once they’ve figured out what they wanted in their attorney website.

Still skeptical about the pricing, they spoke with our sales representative again and provided samples from different websites they liked and asked whether or not it was possible to create these elaborate attorney web designs. Our sales rep confirmed that it was possible and that we also offered unlimited website revisions during the mockup stage of their website design. Seeing that we offered the best prices around, our client signed up and we got to work!

Our client wanted a very specific website design which made our job a lot easier! They wanted to stick with the traditional attorney web design layout for it’s user friendliness, and asked whether it was possible to include a video rather than a graphic photo loop for the landing page. They also wanted to include a special type of contact form that would allow clients and visitors to download a free report once email is sent. These two things were possible for our design and development team. So, featured in this mockup, we included an image of the video to depict its placement as well as the contact form they requested. Our design team decided to go with a color scheme of blue, white, and gray to enhance our client’s professional attitude and manner. The top of the website features the law firm name along with office location and contact information. The main body of the website is positioned to the right of their practice areas banner and the footer matches the top header of the website.

Overall, this lawyer website design is fairly simple, yet professional. We’re fans of keeping things simple, here at Law Promo. Like we mentioned to our clients, this website is still in the mockup stage so anything goes! They can focus on this concept or have us draft a whole new concept. Regardless, we’re ready and willing! If you’re interested in an attorney website design for your firm, contact Law Promo at 213-341-1673.