California Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorney Website Design

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The newest law firm website that we are currently developing is for a California Litigation and Trial Attorney.

As we often do, we created a visual border using the shaded navigation.  This works as a natural divider, keeping the client’s logotype and important contact information separated on top.  Directly below this border, we draw the viewer’s attention to the phrase “recovering millions for the injured” by using large colored text.  It is balanced well, as it doesn’t overpower the other content on the page, but it does draw the user’s eye there first, creating a call to action to check out this attorney’s impressive track record.

Lower on the page, we draw attention to the left sidebar by creating a column of our client’s practice areas, such as personal injury, criminal defense, business law, etc.  Most users visiting this site will be in need of this California trial attorney’s services, so this makes the user experience efficient and fluid, allowing them to get to the desired page with a minimal amount of clicks.

This design is a balanced mix between our classic and modern aesthetic.  Everything about the text, the warm brown color scheme, and the grid format used for content organization gives the impression of maturity and professionalism, but the full page, high resolution image in the background gives this attorney web site an elegant and modern touch that lives up to current standards for sleek design.

We look forward to finishing up this project for our client and watch the positive impact it will have on his business.  Keep an eye out for the finished project, and we also invite you to see other projects in our lawyer website design portfolio!