California Litigation Law Attorneys Website Design

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attorney website design

Law Promo proudly presents our newest project: an attorney web design for our California litigation law client. Our client came to us knowing exactly what he wanted, which helped make this attorney website design mockup process a whole lot faster. Their vision was to design a website that would be minimalist and visually appealing to the visitors. He wanted an attorney website that would make his visitors stop and take a moment to appreciate the design.

So, for this attorney website, our team followed the latest design trend of a full-width, high resolution image background depicting the Los Angeles, the city our client serves. Our design team decided to make the background a gray-scale image to enhance it’s noir appeal and match the black, white, and blue color scheme. We placed the menu and our client’s logo design at the very top against a white background. A strip of logos featuring our client’s achievements and awards are shown above the footer, which is a plain black strip with all the copyrights associated to the design.

With the attorney web design above, we feel we’ve achieved our client’s request for a modern, beautiful website design. If you’d like to view our many other law firm web designs, please give us a call or visit our design portfolio.