California Litigation Law Attorneys Website Design

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Lawyers Website Design

We are currently working on a website for California Based litigation attorneys. This landing page uses imagery to captivate the visitor as well as reinforce the firms values. An image of a compass instills a sense of direction, ensuring current and potential clients that this group is aware of their surroundings and has the tools to meet their goal.

It spans the full width of the display with a transparent box sitting over the image. Inside the box is a short excerpt with the firms declaration: “Expertise. Creativity. Results”.

Directly beneath the hero image are 3 content areas. Each content area serves a particular purpose, whether informative or directional (to guide visitors towards another page). In the center section the firms badges of accreditation are featured, The eye naturally focuses on this section with the amount of negative space around each designation and the existing layout of the page. Developing a sense of trust is crucial in any attorney-client relationship and the goal of this particular landing page is to do just that. Credibility is established immediately through use of clean layout, well written copy, proper use of color & value and placement of elements.

Though this particular site is in the early stages of development, it is going to leave a great impression on it’s visitors once it launched. Stay tuned for more updates and to track the development of this project, which when finished, will be a polished, highly-functional site.