California DUI & Traffic Related Defense Attorney Website Design

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Law Firm Client: Iannelli & Associates, APC

Traffic Violations
Speeding Tickets
All Moving Violations
Failures to Appear
Traffic Related Warrants
DMV Holds
DMV Negligent Operator Hearings
Self-Help Traffic Defense Classes
Bail Forfeiture Set Asides
Post-Conviction Traffic School Requests
Trial by Declaration
Infraction and Misdemeanor Traffic Related Defense

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Ms. Iannelli’s practice is focused primarily on traffic and related infraction and misdemeanor defense. In the last three years, Ms. Iannelli has tried over 400 cases with a 98% win ratio. Ms. Iannelli’s extensive knowledge of the vehicle codes and the state regulations regarding traffic control devices, together with her common sense, makes her an excellent traffic defense attorney.

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