California Criminal Defense Law Attorneys Website Design

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WA attorney website design

Our latest attorney web design project is for our California Criminal Defense Law Client. Read more about this project by clicking the link below.

Like all our web design projects, attorneys and their project managers worked closely together to build their vision. When we started this project, our client didn’t have a set idea of what they had in mind for their attorney website. They listed a few websites that featured full-width, high resolution background images and more traditional website layouts featuring the top menu and side bars.

Our design team decided to take the examples provided and combine the two to create the attorney website design mockup shown above. The mockup sports a red and white color scheme that complements the full-width menu. We’ve also added a large high resolution image against a gray background. The background helps make the image and the overall design of the website stand out to visitors.

The content of the website is provided underneath our client’s call to action “Results You Can Trust” against a transparent black background. The transparent black background and white font allow the content to be easily identified and distinguished by visitors.

When we began this project, our client asked us to design an attorney website that would be easy on the eyes and easy to use. They didn’t care for adding all sorts of features. They simply wanted a clean and simple design that would serve them well and with the design above, we feel like we’re on the right track. If you’re interested in an attorney website design, contact Law Promo for more information about our options.