California Car Accident Law Attorney Web Design

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When your clients first land on your page, there should be no confusion on which practice areas you serve as your main focuses. And with this sleek design your website is guaranteed to be free from confusion. Even though we highly recommend this web­design for personal injury lawyers. In this instance, it’s “Car Accidents” and “Real Estate Law”, but this can be easily replaced and personalized to the two that suits your law office.

We’ve even included a hamburger menu on the top left of the header. Hamburger? Where? Not a real hamburger silly, although we could make that work. We’re referring to the three lines next to the menu allowing viewers to click and drop down to the guide making it even easier to navigate their way around.That way your viewers don’t get lost in your website of amazing­ness.

Your website is the face of your law office whether you like it or not. It’s best to accept that and focus on providing the best website to turn your prospective clients into committed clients. With this design, your phone number and office name is easy to find making you more accessible. Get found by clients who need your help with this highly­ effective web­design.