Business and Intellectual Property Lawyers Website Design

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Legal Web Design

We’re kicking off this weekend by taking a closer look at our newest law firm web design featuring our Business and Intellectual Property Lawyer clients.

This current mockup is a redesign of an existing client’s website. They felt their business attorney web design was a little outdated, so the goal was to create something new, yet familiar by marketing and presenting their content in a different light. We made use of high resolution images coupled with a full-width design to form an aesthetically pleasing web design that visitors would be impressed by. Since most lawyer website designs are moving more towards heavy image use, we decided to make use of sharp images featuring the cities our clients practice their expertise. Information and content has been trimmed to feature different blog and firm updates listed below the introductory content.

We stuck with the primary color scheme of red, white, and blue and used it primarily to focus on certain phrases and calls to actions within the website. The contrast between the light and dark colors directs the viewers to the information they’re trying to find.

Our clients make use of social media to keep in touch with their followers and to stay updated on current news, so we’ve included a twitter feed featuring their tweets in real time on the right hand side of this lawyer website design. The twitter feed even allows visitors to tweet to the firm.

The footer of the website is prominently displayed in black with different icons and logos that would be linked to our client’s different services and social media.

This law firm website design is far from finished. We plan on making a few tweaks once we’ve received feedback from our clients. Of course, we’ll be sure to update you when the time comes. Until then, check out our ever expanding law firm web design portfolio and have a safe and happy weekend!