Branding Law Firms

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Branding Law Firms

Designing websites for law firms is a specialized practice that Law Promo excels at. Creating a service based website varies greatly from a traditional information or product based website in that you have to sell the experience and professionalism of the lawyer or law firm. More and more people search Google and Yahoo! everyday for a lawyer or law firm to represent them and their first impression comes from your website.

At Law Promo we create law firm web designs that capture the viewers attention immediately and motivate them to click deeper into the site and truly be able to make an informed decision. Our expert law firm web design team will create a stunning and functional website that will keep your viewers coming back. We believe that a good law firm web site emphasizes strong content and providing substantively interesting and/or useful information is the way to attract repeat visitors.


A slogan can define a law firm. Flashy slogans denote an attorney has personal style, dramatic flair in the courtroom and a showbiz attitude. Straightforward slogans tell potential clients that a law firm emphasizes professionalism in all aspects of their business. Slogans which combine the two inform the customer that a lawyer puts them first, but is still human. The attorney will crack a joke during the defense or begin an opening arguement with a personal anecdote.

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