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A boutique law firm is a collection of attorneys typically organized in a limited liability partnership or professional corporation specializing in a niche area of law practice. While a general practice law firm includes a variety of unrelated practice areas within a single firm, a boutique firm specializes in one or a select few practice areas. There can be some confusion because legal publications can refer to any small- or mid-sized firm as a boutique, though generally less than 80 attorneys would count.

The pendulum began to swing back away from consolidation toward the formation of smaller boutique firms with the downturn of the economy in late 2008 and early 2009 as recession-proof niche practices began to separate themselves from the struggling behemoths. Boutique law firms have maintained their competitive edge in a number of fields.

Whether you’re a boutique firm with a single specialty or a small firm that focuses on several areas, we have custom internet marketing solutions for you. Our award winning website designers will develop a unique website that features your strengths, or overhaul and optimize your current website so that it produces more results. Perhaps you are interested in a content management system that will enable you to update your website on the fly or a sleek looking flash animation for your home page – Law Promo offers custom solutions which are tailored to your law firm’s specific needs.

Law Promo caters to Small Law Firms

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Our website services – Law firm websites that bring results.

Our clean, highly functional layouts will instill confidence in visitors to your website.  Our experienced, talented website designers will work with you to create a website which reflects your firm’s ideals and philosophies, applying creativity while maintaining the utmost professionalism.  We know that your website is the online extension of your law firm, and we understand the importance of presenting a professional, clean appearance to potential clients.

Our online marketing skills are top shelf, as is our search engine optimization process.  We have the proven ability to get your law firm’s website into the top slots for relevant search terms, increasing your exposure and ultimately your business.

We offer complimentary, customized project proposals, so give Law Promo a toll-free call about your law firm website needs today!

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