Beverly Hills, California Commercial Litigation Attorney Website Design

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About the firm: Servicing clients in the Los Angeles area, this solo practitioner law firm caters to business litigation needs. The attorney has considerable experience settling contract and business disagreements as well as intellectual property cases, defamation, false advertising and appellate work. He prides himself on his attentive, personal and thorough service and his long history of experience that has lead to successful case outcomes over and over again. Graduated from Harvard Law School, the attorney has a long history of excellence, and has represented impressive Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and individuals, offering superior legal services at affordable prices.

Naim Law Office Website


Commercial Litigation
-Contract Disputes
-Interference with Contract or Prospective Business Relations
-Insurance Coverage

Intellectual Property Litigation
-Trademark/Trade Dress
-Theft of Trade Secrets

First Amendment Litigation
-False Advertising

Civil Appeals

Law Promo knows how to balance professional web design and utter simplicity to complete the most memorable web presence possible. Here, we combined a traditional white background, which brings to mind clean professionalism and efficiency, with a single-toned navy blue, bringing a reserved sense of color and balance to the website. The images rotating through point to the firm’s most significant features: their professionalism and business knowledge, their belief in justice, and their location in the city of Los Angeles.