Berdon Young Margolis Logo Design

Categories: Law Firm Logo Design.

Berdon Young Margolis approached Law Promo hoping for logo design that would refresh their law firm’s image. As younger generations grow older, it is important to occasionally brighten the look of your law firm so that your brand remains relevant. The designers chose a vibrant shade of green to accent the quiet typography of the logo, a color that suggests energy and growth while remaining professional. The white font keeps the logo clean, and the san serif font of the names brings a contemporary edge to the design.

Law Firm Logo

Even if your law firm already has a logo that has lasted for decades, you may still have need of our services. We can take the tone and personality of your previous logo and update it, so that none of your firm’s branding is lost. Your new logo will tell potential clients that you are current and relevant, and will attract a wider customer base. Contact Law Promo today for your new, professional attorney legal design.