Baltimore Personal Injury Law Attorney Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

Our newest attorney website design is for our Baltimore Personal Injury Law attorney client. This website is still very early into the mockup phase and changes are expected to be made. To learn more about this law firm website mockup, click the link to read more.For this attorney web design, our team took into account responsive features as our client expressed interest in a responsive website design. They also requested a different color scheme from the usual darker colors associated with personal injury. As a result, our team decided to choose colors that would serve to soothe and comfort visitors who might have been in a car accident.

The site layout combines traditional and modern design. The main menu is prominently placed underneath a banner featuring our client’s firm name and contact information. Below the menu we’ve added different high resolution photos that depict various types of injury. Alongside the photos, we’ve included our client’s call to action in a font color matching the website and a clear transparent background. The content layout is aligned to the left with a sidebar for practice areas to the right.

Little features like shadow and symmetry go along well with the round aesthetic our design team decided upon which helps to give the website a more friendly and welcoming air. We feel confident in the direction we’ve taken with this new attorney web design and hope to hear from our client soon in order to apply the feedback to the next round of design.