What 15 years of designing attorney websites has taught us

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The state of internet, online marketing, and attorney website design has evolved many times in the past few years, and it will only continue to grow and expand.

The internet has changed and shaped how we shop and look for services, and our daily reliance on the internet continues to grow. Law Promo has been in the attorney website design business for over 15 years and when you’ve been around for fifteen years, you pick up on things. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Websites are a must for any serious business

While you may have been able to get away without having a website a few years ago, in 2018 it is absolutely essential that you have a website as both a business tool and a marketing tool. People are using the internet to search for services more and more. Without a web presence, you risk losing out on potential clients. Regardless of whether or not your main source of business comes from referrals, you will eventually need a website and it’s better to have one sooner rather than later.

SEO, Social Media, & Content marketing go hand in hand

SEO is and should be a top priority for your website. For too long, internet marketers and SEO companies primarily focused on link-building in order to boost website presence. While link-building is integral to SEO, social media & content marketing are just as important in the overall scheme of things and shouldn’t be treated as something different and irrelevant to SEO. Instead, using social media and content marketing along with SEO will yield even better results.

Responsive Website Design will soon be industry standard

Mobile and tablet usage has been on a steady rise that will only continue to grow as more and more people move away from YellowPages and their desktops/laptops. Design trends have continued to evolve as a result of these new devices and now, Google has announced the importance of your website’s mobile friendliness. While you can get away with simply making your website mobile friendly, it won’t be long before responsive website design becomes the norm. With Responsive website designs, your website is covered on all fronts from the desktop to the phone. Responsive website designs have been on the rise lately because of their cross platform compatibility and it’s easy to see why.

Transparency and Friendliness help in conversion

One of the bigger appeals and drawbacks of the internet is the anonymity it allows. You can be anyone on the internet which is a big problem for businesses and professional services. People are naturally skeptical and when people search for services, they want to know that they’re talking and actually working with real people. By appearing transparent and showing your face and beautiful smile, people are more willingly to trust you and the services you provide. It also makes you seem more professional and confident!

Friendliness also plays a factor in conversion. When it comes to writing content, a recent trend of friendly conversation has started to rise. A friendly tone invites and encourages visitors to call. People respond to friendliness. Seek to engage and inform in a friendly way by not focusing on technical jargon.

Of course, we’ve learned a lot from our 15+ years of experience as a law firm web design company, but we can’t put everything we’ve learned in one blog post. The four points above are the most important lessons we’ve learned, but rest assured that we’ll post more on what we learned in another entry.