California Personal Injury Law Attorney Web Design

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Law Firm Website

Our latest attorney website design is for our newest California Personal Injury Attorney client. Our client requested a web design that would establish their presence online and give confidence to visitors about the firm’s capabilities. Read on about our process below.

After viewing our attorney web design portfolio, our client listed a few websites that piqued their interest. By studying the chosen websites, our design team combined different features and came up with a different layout for content presentation. The first thing you’ll notice when viewing this mockup is the sticky menu atop the screen. The menu is outfitted with white font on a narrow black strip.

Underneath the menu, we placed out client’s law firm name, social media icons, and a call back number. Unlike our other law firm web designs, there is no colored background. The background shown within the mockup is a photo of a courthouse among clouds. You’ll notice that the background is slightly unfocused and the reason for this is to draw attention to our client’s content and icons. The header displayed in the center of the website shows relevant images related to our client’s practice along side our client’s practice areas against a transparent blue background.

Underneath the header, we outfitted our client’s practice areas with vector icons and buttons featuring their areas of expertise: Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Intellectual Property, and Employment Law. Our client’s main content is featured below the buttons, starting with a call to action that displays our client’s phone number. To the right, we’ve added a contact form to allow visitors instant access to contact our client for any help they need. Little design elements such as spacing and margins go a long way in this design as it provides symmetry to the website and conveys the little details that any professional attorney website design should have.

We’ve only begun the design process and we’re currently awaiting feedback from our client. We’ll update this project as soon as we are able. If you’re looking for a law firm web design, contact Law Promo today!